SOLUTIONS – Infrastructure

A Revolution in Public Transport
Good Planning and Quality Urban Design
A More Compact City
Mixed-Use Planning
New Medium/High Density City Centre Developments
New Housing along the Rail Line and a New Suburb
New Purpose-Built Student Housing
New Suburban Village District Centres
A Walking-Friendly City
Multiple-Use of Facilities
An Integrated Transport System
Inter-Model Transport Hubs
Suburban Rail for Galway
Fully Reopen the Western Rail Corridor
Improve Existing Rail Services
A Light Rail System for Galway
A World Class Bus Service
A Truly Cycling-Friendly Galway
More Cycling & Walking Trails
Expand Galway Bike Scheme
Greener Motoring
Revitalise the Canals
Quality Green Public Areas
Biodiverse Landscaping
Green Building Design
A Sustainable Water Supply System
A Flourishing Terryland Forest Park
A Thriving Merlin Woods
Local Climate Change Adaptation
Ecological Burials