Green Pastimes


As the health of our planet becomes more fragile, it becomes more difficult to justify many of our carbon-hungry leisure activities. We all have the freedom to pursue our interests, but maybe it’s time for us all to re-evaluate what we do with our time.

Here are some low-cost, low-carbon activities:
– Gardening, organise garden shares, seed-swaps etc.
– Foraging
– Walking, running, cycling, skating
– Ball sports
– Yoga, pilates, tai chi, martial arts
– Music making sessions
– Informal skill sharing groups coming together in each others houses to sew, knit, do carpentry, brew beer, bake cakes, etc.
– Picnics
– Clothes swapping parties
– Swimming
– Surfing, kite surfing, windsurfing
– Hiking
– Camping
– etc..