SOLUTIONS – Food & Water

A Sustainable Water Supply System
Sustainable Fishing
Sustainable Aquaculture
Biodiverse Farms
Sustainable Healthy Diet
Support Slow Food
Re-skilling in Food Production
Reintroduction of Draught Animals
New Outdoor Markets
A 7-Day Indoor Food Market for Galway
More Mixed Farms & Smallholdings
Intensive Organic Market Gardening
Urban Food Gardens & Agriculture
Stronger Local Organic Dairy Sector
Re-skilling in Food Production
Openness to Alternative Growing Ideas
Permaculture Design/Natural Farming and Organic Farming
More Local Food Processing
Sustainable Beverages
Research into Sustainable Agriculture
A Strong Local Food Distribution System
Animal Food and Feed
Human Sewerage as a Resource for Use on Productive Land
Growing Hemp and Flax
Food Growing in a Changing Climate
Expand the “Made in Galway” Brand
Locally Grown Flowers
Sustainable and Api-centric Beekeeping
Local Plant Varieties and Rare Breeds
Galway Sustainable Garden Awards “Dig Your Lawn Awards”
Community Tree Nurseries