Remember to take time to pause in our busy day – deep breathing with focus allows us to be still for a few moments. Anything in the immediate vicinity can be used as a focus point – the pattern on a curtain, the shape of a piece of fruit, the feeling of the wind on your face. Being present to the moment you are in is all that is required to steady and centre you. Knowing that all moments pass, the good and the bad, encourages detachment, especially when they are difficult.

Pausing allows us the time to change our habitual response in difficult situations. Automatic reactions are often habits that no longer serve us.

Emotions, in any situation are unique to each individual, and pausing helps us know and own the feelings which underlie difficult situations. Pausing can bring us to an understanding of where those feelings originate – the circumstances are only helping us learn more about ourselves.

Re-enchantment with nature can lead to re-enchantment with life. Taking time out to enjoy being in nature keeps us tuned in to the fact that we are made up of the same stuff as that of all natural systems! Engaging with the great outdoors is life affirming and closely linked to feelings of connectedness, which feeds our sense of happiness and well-being (Barlett, 2008).

Being grateful for this magical thing called life is a natural pause in this busy world. We are all made up of trillions and trillions of diverse elements clubbing together, allowing us to be the walking, talking miracles that we are. Life is amazing!

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