Taxes on Packaging

Local and National Policymakers, Revenue Commissioners, Repak, Local Businesses

05 Taxes on Packaging 1In order to prevent unnecessary packaging there should be taxes on packaging. The revenue generated from these taxes should be ring-fenced for recycling and waste reduction measures. Packaging on products would be rated in terms of ecological footprint and taxed accordingly. This would mean higher taxes on products that have
– greater volumes/weight of packaging
– composite (mixed material) packaging; non-recyclable packaging
– packaging with toxic ingredients, etc.

Accordingly, taxes would be less on products that have
– less volumes/weight of packaging
– single material packaging; recyclable packaging
– packaging with benign ingredients, etc.

There should be no taxes on re-usable drink bottles. Re-useable bottles account for 45% of all drinks sold in Germany. These bottles are refilled 40 to 50 times, and are therefore more environmentally friendly than single-use bottles.