Dreams and Visions


If we are living the dreams of our forefathers: a consistent supply of food; clean water; shelter from the elements; easy, fast transport, etc., what are the dreams of today for those yet to come? Can we imagine what a world would be like that was not centred on profit-making?

Profit-making is at the heart of consumerism and drives the public relations (PR) spin, manipulating desires and encouraging a sense of need*. Educating ourselves on how much we are conditioned by media advertising encourages a change of perspective between needs and wants.

Learning to separate needs from desires requires a clearer knowledge of who we really are. By coming to an understanding that we do co-create our reality, our decisions and choices would change.

All of us have skills to offer. Doing something you love and being appreciated for those qualities brings a sense of wellbeing and purpose. Being of service, or doing something for the heck of it, or for the sheer joy of it, can be immensely satisfying.

* http://www.vimeo.com/91200667

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