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Courtesy: Rob Nguyen (Flickr)
Courtesy: Rob Nguyen (Flickr)

Specialist waste auditors and consultants can advise individuals, families, organisations and businesses on how to lower their environmental impact by adopting greener practices that also save money. Waste auditors and consultants work for private companies, local authorities, government bodies or non-governmental organisations. Many are self-employed.

The operations of businesses and large organisations are usually complex and often require the services of waste auditors and consultants with specialist expertise. The typical course of action for companies and large organisations is that a waste auditor or consultant is hired. A special team within the organisation that will focus on waste is then set up, ideally with staff that can report directly to management. The waste auditor or consultant undertakes a comprehensive waste audit and devises a plan with timeframes for action. Progress is continuously reviewed to see if targets are achieved.

Waste auditors and consultants can help us realise the large potential for reduced levels of waste and lower costs across all sectors from households to large multinational companies.

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