‘Give Boxes’ for Galway

Individuals, Local Businesses, Local and National Policymakers

Courtesy: Nikolay Georgiev (Flickr)
Courtesy: Nikolay Georgiev (Flickr)

A ‘Give Box’ (or ‘Free Box’) is simply a large walk-in box structure located in a public place, often on a street, where people are free to put things in for others or to take things from for themselves. Usually made by volunteers from timber and some sheet material, Give Boxes need to be weather-proof as they are located outdoors and they need to be large enough to allow people leave their unwanted possessions there for other people to collect for free. The concept, which started in Berlin, promotes sustainability, protects resources, boosts community and frees people from clutter. Give Boxes could be a novel way for Galwegians to give away their unused or unwanted stuff and so reduce waste.