A Local Currency (Corribs)

Individuals, Local Business, Credit Unions, Galway Enterprise Board, Chamber of Commerce, Local and National Policymakers

A local currency called ‘Corribs’ would be established. Notes in the currency would be brought into circulation. As many local businesses as possible would be encouraged to accept ‘Corribs’ along with euros. Galway City Council would accept the local currency also. Local businesses would be able to accept electronic payments of the local currency (using local currency credit cards or by text message or online via a website).

Having a strong local economy is vital in making Galway resilient to any external shocks. A local currency system would strengthen the Galway economy by keeping money circulating in the community as well as encourage more local trade. A local currency would also:
– reduce food miles and trade miles, which is good for the environment
– raise awareness about economics amongst local people
– build new relationships between local people and businesses
– encourage tourists to use local businesses

The Bristol Pound, UK

The Totnes Pound, UK