Jobs in Urban Sustainable Food Production


Not relying on volunteers or job schemes but to recognise and value the administrative and physical work involved in sustainable food production.

A reduction in the amount of processed food coming into an education institution is essential to demonstrate to students and staff how to eat in a healthy way.

Turn part of the school/university/IT/Hospital/Nursing Home grounds into a food garden. Create jobs by employing a full time Garden Facilitator.

Role of School Garden Facilitator:
– Design, manage and maintain the food garden.
– Liaise with the kitchen.
– Recruit and manage volunteers.
– Promote the garden.
– Source locally produced or foraged, natural*, unprocessed food for the kitchen.
– Arrange garden workshops for staff and the community eg. composting, planting, harvesting, pruning, etc.
– Administration.
– Manage social media.

The garden will supply the building’s canteen with sustainable high quality produce that will be the benchmark for the canteen suppliers.

The kitchen will benefit from the greater variety of highly nutritious food.

There is potential for this to become the norm in all government buildings. Most have grounds that are under-utilised, maintained unsustainably rather than used functionally.