Intergenerational Learning

Local and National Policymakers

04 Intergenerational LearningIntergenerational Learning describes the way that people of all ages can learn together and from each other, where the outcome is to share and gain] skills, values and knowledge. Because they lived in times of greater material scarcity before our current era of easy abundance, older people have a great deal of knowledge and wisdom to teach us about how we might respond to a world with less cheap oil. The learning need not be all one way. Our younger people can impart their knowledge and teach our elders useful skills such as computers, reading and writing.
Beyond the transfer of knowledge, relationships across generations are formed with the younger generations learning from the older generations, and vice versa. This promotes greater understanding and respect between generations, and contributes to building communities and neighbourhoods where people are better connected.
Croí na Gaillimhe, 1 Mill Street, Galway City
The European Map of Intergenerational Learning (EMIL), Stoke on Trent, England, UK