More Lifelong Education

Local and National Policymakers

08 More Lifelong EducationLearning is not confined to traditional schooling in the classroom or to the college campus, but takes place throughout life and in a range of situations. Lifelong learning is learning that takes place throughout our entire adult lives, and has an important part to play in our shift towards an environmentally sustainable society and economy. We will need all manner of education and learning at different times and in different places to help achieve this transition. Lifelong learning can take many forms including:
– Formal learning in an education or training institution (structured courses with exams and credentials). Examples include: a level five certificate in organic horticulture, a university masters in renewable energy.
– Structured learning without credentials or exams. Examples include: evening adult courses in weaving, nutrition, pottery, wine making.
– Informal learning in daily work, family, community life or during leisure. Examples include growing your own vegetables, baking, foraging.
GRETB (Galway and Roscommon Education and Training Board), Mervue Business Park, Galway City
GTI (Galway Technical Institute), Fr. Griffin Road, Galway