Social Enterprise

Individuals, Communities, Local Businesses, Chamber of Commerce, Galway Enterprise Board, Local and National Government

A social enterprise is a business whose primary aim is to achieve social impact rather than generate profit for owners and stakeholders. Like other businesses, a social enterprise trades in the market to provide goods and services in their locality. However, the key difference is that they do so with the explicit aim of tackling some key social or environmental issues in society (for example: inequality, climate change, etc.). Profits generated from trading are reinvested back into the business or local community, which in turn continues to provide employment, services and other benefits to the community.

While social enterprises have existed for many years in Irish society, in recent years the importance of this business model in helping Ireland deal effectively with the transition to a more just, sustainable and resilient economy has become increasingly salient. The recent establishment of the Irish Social Enterprise and the Irish Social Entrepreneur Networks reflects increasing interest and popularity of the social enterprise business model among entrepreneurs in Ireland.

COPE Galway, 8 Calbro House, Tuam Road, Galway
Food Cloud, Trinity Enterprise Centre, Pearse St., Dublin 2
An Mheitheal Rothar (Galway Community Bike Shop)

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