A Green Chamber of Commerce

Galway Chamber of Commerce

A Green Chamber of Commerce would be an effective, representative working group made up of people who run local businesses and organisations, and who see the need to make a well planned and proactive shift to a sustainable situation. It would work with existing companies, large and small, to assess their own risk exposure and take action to ensure that they can continue to meet the community’s needs in an increasingly energy, resource and financially constrained world. The Green Chamber of Commerce could be incorporated into the existing Galway Chamber of Commerce.
Activities could include:
– Building a ‘Transition Action Group’ of local businesses and organisations
– Mapping the local community’s needs for products and services
– Import substitution analysis
– Inventory of all local assets and resources – creating a database of what is available locally already
– Identify skill gaps
– Explore alternative financing systems, for example, mutual credit clearing, alternative currencies, localisation of savings and investments, local banks and bond issues, and community ownership
– Assessing the risk exposure of local businesses to climate change and peak oil
– Awards for ethical local businesses

Green Chamber of Commerce, San Francisco, California, USA

US Green Chamber of Commerce, San Diego, California, USA