Mixed-Use Planning

Galway City Council Planning Department, Local Policymakers, Construction Industry

New apartments over restaurant, Salthill.
New apartments over restaurant, Salthill.

Changing how we zone our city so that we create buildings, streets or areas with more diverse uses which allow people to live, work, and socialise in close proximity within an attractive urban setting is more desirable than separate-use zoning that splits different functions, such as commercial from residential areas. Newer examples of mixed-use include ‘live/work’ situations where residents can operate small businesses, a studio or a small light industrial workshop on the ground floor of the building where they live.

Having mixed-use development where homes, workplaces, and shops are all located on the same place was a traditional feature of our historical cities and has many benefits including:
reduced distances between housing, workplaces, retail businesses, and other amenities and destinations (more convenient and reduced transport costs)
– a more compact city with less urban sprawl
– greater housing variety that can result in more affordable housing
safer streets as there is activity at different times of the day
– more lively streets with stronger neighbourhood character and sense of place
walkable, bike-able neighbourhoods with increased accessibility to amenities (shops, cultural facilities, etc.)
– greater opportunity for social interaction, innovation and potential synergies between different businesses, entrepreneurs, creators, artists, etc., due to proximity and variety of occupants

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