CHALLENGES – Inner Transition

What has Inner Transition got to do with a document suggesting interventions and adaptations to peak oil, pollution and climate change? Well, everything, really! We humans have exploited the planet’s resources more than any other living creature, and are leaving a large trail of pollution for future generations to deal with. It is time to question our values. It is up to us all to find a way to bring balance between our real requirements and our perceived needs. Practicing mindfulness, being mindful of our actions in integral to this.

Research* tells us that relationships (including the relationship we have with ourselves) and a sense of purpose are the two most important aspects of our sense of well-being. But taking the time out to embrace these is difficult as we speed from one distraction to another. In the face of trying to stay on top of bills and making consumer-led choices, we have forgotten to take the time to ‘stand and stare’. We all know that at the moment we are consuming resources faster than the planet can replenish them, but we distract ourselves rather than tackle the issue to avoid feeling uncomfortable/distressed/angry/depressed.

Taking the time out to get beyond those feelings and see where the source of the anxiety comes from is a helpful start for us. This helps us make more informed choices regarding our own lives and see how those choices impact on all living systems. Becoming aware of the complexity of life and our total reliance on the harmonious working of all living things also helps us understand that we have a responsibility. We are co-creators of what we see around us.

Balancing mental and physical well-being in our ever-changing world is a challenge. If we want to see balance in the outside world we need to focus on balance in the inside world. Focus, breathing and fine-tuning our senses to deal with the present, without distraction, is key to finding balance. Positive physical activity, sport and good nutrition combined with an inner practice are essential for maintaining good health.

Inner transition is about making that change in our lives to look at what really matters. Being at peace with our selves is perhaps the most important aspect of living harmoniously on our planet.

* Importance of relations
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