A Rediscovery Centre for Galway

Individuals, Local Businesses, Local and National Policymakers

Courtesy: Iwan Gabovitch (Flickr)
Courtesy: Iwan Gabovitch (Flickr)

The Rediscovery Centre is a training and education centre in Dublin that recovers and reuses furniture, bicycles, textiles, paints and much more.

The Dublin Rediscovery Centre is made up of various divisions. Rediscover Furniture provides furniture with a new lease of life and actively promotes waste prevention, reuse and recycling, whilst providing employment and training opportunities. Rediscover Cycling is the Rediscovery Centre’s bicycle reuse project whose aims are to promote reuse and cycling as enjoyable eco-friendly activities, and provide training and work experience opportunities to priority groups. Rediscover Fashion produces 100% redesigned, repurposed and recycled fashion. At this Rediscovery Centre, everyone is encouraged to ‘rediscover’ fashion through a range of courses and workshops throughout the year at various skill levels – from ‘make and take’ courses in cushioning and quilting to upcycling and advanced dressmaking.

The success of the Dublin Recovery Centre could be emulated in Galway helping to reduce waste as well as create training and working experience for local people.

Rediscovery Centre Ecostore, Ballymun, Dublin 11