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Courtesy: Chris Sloan (Flickr)
091labs, Galway – Courtesy: Chris Sloan (Flickr)

A makerspace (also called hackerspace) is a collaborative community space for various creative projects such as art, woodwork, computer software, craft, photography and electronics. A makerspace usually run training courses, events and talks, and also host regular special working group nights for members and visitors to work in an environment with like-minded people. It is a place for people to work and collaborate on creative projects, to learn and to share their knowledge and skills.

There is a strong culture of upcycling, repairing, recycling and restoration at makerspaces. Many makerspaces have 3D printers that can be used to produce missing parts or replace broken parts of items and so extend their usefulness. A lot of the projects and skills that are shared at makerspaces help reduce waste. Therefore, existing local makerspaces such as 091 Labs should be supported and new makerspaces could be set up throughout Galway.
091 Labs, Roxboro House, Raleigh Row, Galway
TOG Hackerspace, Chancery Lane, Dublin 8