Education & Research on Alternative Economics

Transition Galway Economics Subgroup, NUIG, GMIT

Education and research on alternative economics is crucial for broadening awareness and knowledge of more sustainable operational economic models that move beyond an emphasis on growth and profit. A growing body of work is exploring this “new economics” (such as FEASTA and The New Economics Foundation). Transition Galway’s Economics Subgroup, as well as relevant research centres in NUIG (e.g. Centre for Environment, Development and Society; Planning and Sustainability Research Cluster; Community Knowledge Initiative) and GMIT can draw on this and work together to achieve the following:
– To explore potentially more viable, sustainable operational models that make the most of local resources and opportunities
– To educate and promote alternative and ecological economics on third level economic courses, in order to ensure that economic and ecological literacy are reconciled
– To conduct research on alternative economics projects already underway – collecting and analysing information to inform future developments
– To educate the general public on alternative economics, by organising a series of events, e.g.: A Post-Growth Economics Festival (similar to Kilkenomics – the Kilkenny Economics Festival)
– A public lecture series on Green Economics

Centre for Environment, Development and Society, NUIG
Environment and Planning Research Cluster, NUIG
Community Knowledge Initiative, NUIG
FEASTA, The Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability, Cloughjordan, Co. Tipperary
The New Economics Foundation, London, UK
Kilkenny Economics Festival
The International Society for Ecological Economics