Flea Markets & Car Boot Sales

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Flea market, Berlin, Germany
Flea market, Berlin, Germany

A flea market is a market, usually outdoors, consisting of individual stalls selling all manner of goods, usually old or used articles (books, clothing, curios, antiques, furniture, music records etc.). Stalls at flea markets are run by retailers as well as by ordinary people selling their own private possessions. Car boot sales are a similar form of market where, usually, private individuals come together to sell their own possessions, often from the boot of their car. Private traders sometimes attend car boot sales also.

Flea markets and car boot sales are great ways of attracting a large group of people to one place to recycle useful, but unwanted, domestic items that otherwise might have been thrown away. Both of these types of market allow people to make some money from their used possessions as well as prevent large amounts of waste. See Infrastructure chapter for more details on other types of markets.

Dublin Flea Market, The CO-OP, 12 Newmarket, Dublin 8

Castlebar Car Boot Sale, Co. Mayo

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