A Resilient Youth

National Policymakers, Schools, Youth Groups

Courtesy: Francisco Osorio (Flickr)
Courtesy: Francisco Osorio (Flickr)

We all have a role to play to make a brighter future for everyone. The youth of today will be the adults of tomorrow, and they need to understand and be prepared for the considerable challenges we face in the coming decades. We need to harness the enthusiasm, imagination and energy of youth to address local and global challenges.

Young people have personal challenges unique to them and to their generation. Cyber bullying and mental health are but two issues affecting today’s youth. They need direct and indirect supports for social and personal development, creativity and self-confidence building. There needs to be support for families, schools and youth facilities.

Our society would be better if more people engaged in our democracy, local and national. Any citizen aged 16 years old or more should have the opportunity to vote in local elections.

An interest in sustainability could be cultivated in our youth in various ways such as:
– Holding debates in local schools on environmental issues
– Allowing access to green and natural spaces for play and learning
– Having nature activities at weekends (local farming camps, river monitoring, bird counts, bushcraft, social time, food sharing, etc.)
– Supporting local outdoor youth groups (scouts, sailing clubs, etc.)
– Building youth centres and playgrounds from sustainable materials
– Taking part in conservation work

The social development of our youth can be enhanced in various ways such as:
– Cultivating their interest in community activities, volunteering, etc.
– Introducing community service for all young people. This would involve a 50 hours community work programme that would be completed by age 19. A certificate would be awarded upon completion
– Organising social and community building activities at school

Foróige (the National Youth Development Organisation), Park West, Dublin 12

Scouting Ireland, Larch Hill, Dublin 16

Headstrong, Pearse Street, Dublin 2