Galway Sports Day/Week

Individuals, Communities, Policymakers

• Invite all the sports clubs in Galway to take part in an event held in the Volvo Ocean Race site. Budget could be equal to that of the food festival held at the Spanish Arch.
• Each club would be invited to do a 5 minute presentation on stage about their club, bringing on stage any equipment required, and taking away at the end of your 5 minutes. A challenge we hope the clubs would relish!
• Or maybe an “All-Galway Club Sack Race”, inviting each club’s most elite athlete to take on the challenge!
• A Galway sports day or week would also be a celebration of Galway’s cultural diversity, giving various sports from around the world an opportunity to become more visible.

This is just a suggestion that would take a core group of interested parties. If there are any Individuals/Communities/
Policy Makers willing or interested in staging such an event, they are welcome to use our website as a forum to leave comments or discuss.