Continued Education & Public Awareness

Waste Collection Companies, Landlords, Property Management Companies, Students Unions (NUIG, GMIT), Local and National Policymakers, EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

Courtesy: Jim Larrison (Flickr)
Courtesy: Jim Larrison (Flickr)

Being a city with a large student population and a significant short-term transient rental population, we need to ensure that people who come to live in Galway understand the local waste facilities. There needs to be continued public awareness campaigns in all of the local media and online. Booklets and leaflets explaining the local waste services need to be available in all rental accommodation in the city. Clear signage is required in bin areas. People need to be informed as to how the domestic waste collection works, where bring banks are located, how to recycle electrical goods, where they dispose of hazardous material, etc.

There could also be continuous education and awareness campaigns to increase the public’s understanding of issues to do with waste and sustainability. Advice could be given on how to reduce one’s personal levels of waste and on how to make homemade cleaning products, etc. Concepts such as zero waste and producer responsibility could be explained in booklets, leaflets, websites, local media and in television documentaries, etc.
Environmental Protection Agency, Johnstown Castle Estate, Co. Wexford