Education in the Community

Local Schools, Local Education Providers

Permaculture course, Galway
Permaculture course, Galway

In order to make the transition to a low carbon society, there will be a need for all of us to learn new (and, indeed, some old!) skills and ways of doing things. There could be evening, daytime and weekend courses and learning experiences at a local level to help with this transition. These could take place in available local facilities such as school buildings, community centres or halls. These courses could be given by public sector bodies (GRETB, etc.), private persons with relevant expertise, local and national organisations (Grow It Yourself, An Taisce, Friends of the Earth, etc.) and others. Transition Galway could have a role in providing education through talks, workshops, courses and films. It is envisioned that these courses would be free, for the most part, or available at a low cost.

Educators of all sorts could work more closely together with the local community to share ideas, programmes and projects. Some ideas include:
– Staff training on energy efficiency and waste reduction in workplaces and schools
– Training and education in flood management, and climate change contingency planning for local people
– Programmes in community development in local parishes
– Vegetable growing courses in local suburbs
– Bicycle repair classes at schools
GTI (Galway Technical Institute), Fr. Griffin Road, Galway