Share Economy

Individuals, Communities, Businesses

A share economy seeks to make as much use of our resources as possible by reducing the amount of time where products, services and talents lie idle. For example, most cars sit unused for most of the day. A share economy focuses on access rather than ownership, so that we do not need to own a bicycle in order to have access to one. The new bike scheme in Galway is a good example of this. Some other examples are:
– Carpooling
– Job sharing
– Shared childcare
– Skills share (an online database for Galway could be set up)
– Open source technology
– House exchanges for vacations – there are various websites

A share economy also seeks to re-use rather than dump items that are still useful. The Jumbletown and Freecycle websites allow people to give away items they no longer need. There are many opportunities for organisations and businesses to share resources also.