Courtesy: Trevor Enright (Flickr)
Courtesy: Trevor Enright (Flickr)

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Autoproduction of electricity is the production of electricity for a business’s own use on their own premises. This arises where an electricity consumer has an onsite generator to provide a portion of their electricity needs. This onsite generator is not operated as a backup generator at times of grid outage – rather it displaces imports from the grid on a day-to-day basis.

The most common sources of generation technologies are: natural gas fuelled combined heat and power (CHP), biomass CHP, anaerobic digestion CHP, small scale hydro, wind power and solar photovoltaic.

There is potential for these generators to be called on by the electricity grid operator if needed via the Smart Grid. Companies can finance and operate their own generator themselves. Companies can also get an ESCo (Energy Service Company) to finance, build, own and operate the generator on their premises.
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