Quiet Spaces

Employers/Policy Makers

Have a room in workplaces as a place of calming.

Classes that improve mental and physical health could be held there, eg: yoga, mediation, tai-chi, pilates, dance.

A suggested timeslot for a class could be a 40min class held 40mins before a day-shift begins. The employer would pay for the class, creating work for some of the many instructors/teachers that Galway has on offer. An acceptable rate per class for instructors would be €50. The room should ideally be located in a quiet area, have plenty of light and be equipped with exercise mats, foam blocks, bolsters an straps.

The room could also be used to accommodate employees spiritual or religious needs, on occasion, if a quiet space is required.

Remember, a happy employee is an effective one, and a healthy employee is cost effective!

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