Micro-Generation Energy Co-Ops

Courtesy: Einalem (Flickr)
Courtesy: Einalem (Flickr)

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Microgeneration is the small-scale generation of power by individuals, small businesses and communities. The establishment of micro-generator energy co-ops could gather scale, thus enabling its members to negotiate better terms from an electricity distributor selling into the single electricity market, in order to gain better pricing for microgeneration export to the grid. For example, if some of the occupants of a housing estate were to install PV panels on each of their roofs and were to gather together in a co-op in an effort to obtain a better selling price for their excess electricity. This would give greater certainty, and make the finance and payback periods of investment in low carbon energy technologies more favourable, to microgeneration where currently excess energy must be stored in batteries or curtailed when there is insufficient demand.

Aran Islands Energy Co-op, Co. Galway

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