Less Packaging

Local Businesses, Galway Chamber of Commerce, Local and National Policymakers, Individuals

Courtesy: Scrap This Pack (Flickr)
Courtesy: Scrap This Pack (Flickr)

Packaging protects products in transit and in shops and supermarkets. However, some products are over-packaged and/or the packaging isn’t suitable for recycling. Companies that need to use packaging can save money and reduce their waste if they use well-designed and efficient packaging for their products. Packaging, when necessary, can be functional, attractive and cost effective without being excessive. Less packaging is also good for a company’s profits as more and more customers are appreciating more minimal packaging as it means they have less waste to deal with.

Consumers can reduce their waste and avoid over-packaging in many ways including:
– Buying products loose such as bananas, turnips, broccoli, etc. – just put the weight sticker on the product
– Purchasing larger or bulk quantities of non-perishable goods such as washing powder, toilet rolls, shampoo, etc.
– Avoiding single sachet items such as jam, butter, coffee, juice pouches, etc.
– Investing in a thermal mug and using it when buying take-away drinks.
– Using a lunch box thus avoiding tinfoil, cling film and sandwich bags.
– Avoiding composite packaging that can’t be recycled.
– Avoiding as many disposable items as possible such as razors, hygienic wipes, napkins, etc. – reusable items last longer and can be cheaper.

Southern Region Waste Management Office, Dooradoyle, Co. Limerick