A Revolution in Public Transport

Local and National Policymakers, National Transport Authority, Bus Éireann, City Direct, Private Bus Operators, Iarnród Éireann (Irish Rail)

01 A Revolution in Public TransportA radical change in mindset is required to move people from their cars and into public transport. This massive shift could be helped with high profile media campaigns, information given at schools, fun events, community engagement and celebrity endorsements.

No city in the world, small or large, has addressed traffic congestion without introducing a decent public transport system. Public transport has lower fuel use, lower emissions and lower air pollution per person compared with car travel.

Public transport needs to be a viable alternative to taking the private car for as many journeys as possible. Public transport needs to be comfortable, attractive, reliable, frequent, affordable, and provide journeys that people want to make.

Public transport use in Galway can be expanded and made more sustainable in many ways including:
– Increasing frequency of services.
– Increasing route options. New routes need to be developed to give people alternatives to the car.
– Increasing affordability with price promotions, family-friendly price options and generous price concessions for all primary school, second level and college students. Generous discounts should be given for multiple journeys. Incentives such as the Taxsaver Commuter Ticket Scheme should be expanded. Tickets should be transferable (useable more than one passenger).
– Increasing the use of cash/coin-less, pre-paid and online fare payment for greater passenger convenience (e.g. Leap Card).
– Introducing cheaper fares during peak times to help traffic congestion.
Making the public transport vehicles greener so that they are powered using sustainable technologies that reduce imported fuel use, can be run on renewable energy and have a lower environmental impact.
– Providing accurate travel information including timetables and digital real time displays. Vehicle tracking technologies can be used to assist with scheduling. Up to date information should also be accessible by passengers through personal mobile devices or text messaging.
– Encouraging council staff, politicians, and teachers from all city schools to take public transport.
– Installing secure cycle parking near public transport facilities.
– Providing more public transport for special events (sporting fixtures, concerts, etc.) and for peak time demand.
– Improving facilities on board (more comfortable seating, free Wi-Fi, etc.).
– Providing quality ancillary infrastructure such as shelters, schedules, ticket vending machines, etc. to ensure a quality experience.

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