Single Wind Turbines in the City

Courtesy: Satanu Vasant (Flickr)
Courtesy: Satanu Vasant (Flickr)

Local and National Policymakers, SEAI, NUIG, GMIT, Galway Energy Agency

Galway could generate some of its own power through large single wind turbines installed within the city at appropriate locations and at a distance from residential housing. Turbines could be erected both onshore and offshore, circa 1MW capacity each. Possible sites include Roscam, Parkmore and the NUIG campus at Dangan. One turbine could be on either side of the entrance into Galway Docks (one on Mutton Island and one on the Renmore side). The turbines could be of varying designs (such as traditional horizontal axis, vertical axis turbines, etc.), with an information board at its base explaining the main technical information. A digital display showing the real time electricity generation of the turbine for local people and tourists is also possible.
Dundalk Institute of Technology campus wind turbine, Co. Louth

Burtonport Harbour wind turbine, Co. Donegal

Jersey-Atlantic Wind Farm, New Jersey, USA
Middelgrunden Offshore Wind Farm, Copenhagen, Denmark