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Localisation encourages the use of local resources to meet local needs. It supports small independent home grown retailers over large multi-national franchises (McDonalds, Starbucks, etc.) to ensure the city has a self-sufficient, diverse economic system that offers a broad range of services. Localisation means that most money stays local. This will make Galway less vulnerable to global crises, whether they are environmental, economic or political. It also ensures that the city stays vibrant. Some ways to encourage localisation:
– More markets in the city
– Re-establishing local trading networks
– Local currency
– Website for local trading.
– Encouraging businesses at the home: home offices, beauty salons, and lodgers
– Grassroots energy production (small scale wind, solar power for hot water or for electricity, etc.)
– More generous feed-in tariffs

Local Futures, Totnes, England, UK