Quality Green Public Areas

City Council Planning Department, Local Policymakers

Bruach na Coiribe riverside walkway, Galway
Bruach na Coiribe riverside walkway, Galway

Green public areas consist of both manmade environments such as playing pitches, municipal parks as well as relatively natural landscapes such as woodlands, riverbanks and beaches. These open spaces are vital to the quality of our lives in the city and provide space for all manner of outdoor recreation (walking, team sports, etc.) as well as reprieve from the built environment. Green areas also encourage biodiversity within the city and allow people experience nature. Many green areas are very enjoyable for people to visit and can add to our sense of wellbeing. Quality green areas are good for tourism and can provide ecological services such as trees improving urban air quality and reducing climate change.

While we need to make our city more compact, we need to preserve our existing green areas and build new urban parks and playing fields.

Project EverGreen, Mentor, Ohio, USA