Quality of Life


Empowering ourselves to become part of the creative process. What do we want? The next iphone or clean water?

Becoming better citizens rather than consumers: develop a stronger sense of responsibility to the planet and what it provides.

Developing a culture of trust takes a lot of stress out of our day-to-day encounters. Sharing our ideas, skills, and knowhow, without resorting to how we can profit by it, is worth cultivating.

Admiring nature is not just for young children. Being wowed by the awesomeness of other forms of life and living systems creates wonder. And wonder has the magical quality of suspending our cares and worries. A few moments of wonder everyday can lead to a better quality of life!

It is easy to forget what satisfies us when the PR world is quick to create wants where there were none. Clarifying the confusion about needs and wants, within the context of our personal values, brings us inner peace.

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