Energy-producing Gyms

Courtesy: CherryPoint (Flickr)
Courtesy: CherryPoint (Flickr)

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An energy-producing gym consists of a gym where the exercise equipment (bikes, resistance machines, cross trainers, etc.) has the ability to transform the energy members generate back into the grid. There are several of these gyms established around the world. Most of the exercise machines have screens showing users how much energy they have generated and how much carbon dioxide they have saved during their use of the machine.

While the amount of power that could be generated this way may not be very substantial, energy-producing gyms can help raise awareness of environmental and energy issues. Such machines might help engender greater appreciation of energy amongst people as well as encouraging behaviour that is less wasteful of energy.
Perhaps in the future, these types of exercise machine might be common in our homes allowing us to harness energy from our physical exercise and, maybe combined with the solar panels on our roof, help reduce our carbon footprint and our energy bills.
The Edge Sports Centre, University of Leeds, UK
The Green Microgym, Portland, Oregon, USA