Transition Galway is a local voluntary grassroots environmental organisation and is one of thousands of Transition projects around the world. Our aim is to build strong resilient communities and a vibrant local economy to deal with sustainability challenges such as reduced oil supplies and climate change. Founded in January 2011, Transition Galway has been very active and organise local events such as Green Drinks Galway (a regular free talk with guest environmental speakers), community film screenings and workshops. We also run a community garden at a local city-centre primary school (Scoil Chroí Íosa on the Newcastle Road) and we collaborate in projects with other local environmental groups.

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This project is dedicated to:

Mary Phelan (1953 -2015)

An intrepid adventurer, radio producer, bicycler, political campaigner, change-maker, musician and gardener who always wanted the world to be better and always ready to protest, sing, campaign, recycle, get arrested, cause trouble, pick blackberries, plant saplings, debate or listen to and tell stories to try to make change happen.