Medicinal Cannabis

Policy Makers/Healthcare Professionals

Approved medicines containing the active ingredients of cannabis can now be prescribed in Ireland. In July 2014 outgoing Minister of State at the Department of Health, Alex White, signed regulations legalising their use for patients suffering from multiple sclerosis. It will only be available on prescription and would mean doctors would have control.

Sativex, the cannabinoid based medicine which has been approved by medicine regulators here, should now be included on the list of medicines that the state reimburses.

The next progressive step would be the introduction of medical cannabis in the treatment of:
– Cancer; as a treatment of side effects, and possibly to help reduction of tumour sizes.
– HIV/AIDS; to increase appetite.
– Arthritis, when alternatives are not an option eg. patients on dialysis.
– Anxiety and pain.

Look into the possibility of allowing long term sufferers to grow their own small number of plants.


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