Less Materialism
Greater Producer & Retailer Responsibility
Less Packaging
Compostable Packaging
Taxes on Packaging

Public Drinking Water Dispensers
More Refillable Containers
Refundable Deposits on Beverage Containers
Greater Durability and Upgradeability in Products
Reusing Electronics in Developing World and Disadvantaged Areas
6-Day Recycling Centre
More Bring Bank Centres
Better Recycling in Apartments
Pay By Weight Waste Collection
Frequent City-wide Hazardous Waste Collection
Construction and Demolition Waste Recycling and Reuse
Unused Medicine Waste Collection
A Resource Recovery Park for Galway
Zero Waste and ‘Cradle to Cradle’
Open Source Ecology
More Fixing/Repair Cafés
More Men’s Sheds
A Rediscovery Centre for Galway
A Fab Lab for Galway
‘Give Boxes’ for Galway
Flea Markets & Car Boot Sales
Used Goods Websites
Charity Shops
Home & Business Waste Auditors/Consultants
Ecological Cleaning Products
Reusing Cooking Oil
Cloth Nappies
Composting & Wormeries
Continued Education & Public Awareness
Environmental Footprint Rating of Products
More Renovation and Repairs
Waste Segregation in Fast Food Outlets
Research & Development into Sustainable Manufacturing, Production and Services
Tackling Litter
Compost Toilets
Plant-based Wastewater Treatment
Anaerobic Digestion