Each chapter was co-written by a team of volunteers, who collaborated to bring together all of the ideas generated at the various visioning sessions as clearly and coherently as possible.

Claire Byrne
A keen outdoor enthusiast and a lover of LIFE, Claire has a diverse background in teaching, sailing, psychology, business and as a facilitator. Present focus: intrigued by how inner transformation effects our outer environment.

Kieran Cunnane
Kieran Cunnane is one of the founding members of Transition Galway, a nature lover and a keen blogger. Kieran’s background is in electronic and test engineering. He has a big interest in finding and developing technological and behavioural solutions to humanity’s greatest challenges as outlined in his blog http://www.greenprintsurvival.wordpress.com.

James Glynn
James grew up and went to school in Galway. He is currently completing his PhD in Energy Systems Modelling in University College Cork, having previously studied Engineering, Energy Systems, and Environmental Economics. He has worked in building planning, wind energy auto-production and ocean energy research & development. His primary research interests are energy security, energy poverty, energy-economy system feedbacks and the transition to a sustainable de-carbonised society. He contributed to the energy chapter.

Mary Greene
Mary grew up in the west of Ireland and is one of the founding members of Transition Galway. Overtime, she has become increasingly interested in the politics and practice of sustainable development and has tailored her learning, research and action in line with this. She is currently completing her PhD research in sustainable consumption at the School of Geography and Archaeology at the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUI Galway) and is actively committed to working with communities on matters of environmental and social concern.

Bernard McGlinchey
Originally from Donegal, Bernard moved from a successful career as a Graphic Designer in Northern Ireland to train and work as a Nurse in Galway. He has lived in the Dock area for 14 years. He now teaches yoga, paints with pixels and grows food, while studying for his BA in Business Enterprise and Community Develoment. Blog: http://www.freeflowcreativity.com

Marcella Morgan
Among other things Marcella Morgan is a hiker, gardener and wild flower planter.

Caoimhín Ó Maolallaigh
One of the co-founders of Transition Galway, Caoimhín is from An Spidéal, Co. Galway and is a member of various environmental organisations. He has a background in construction and has an interest in sustainable building and planning.